Health Professionals and Regulatory Proceedings

We specialize in representing regulated and unregulated health professionals accused of misconduct or/ and negligence at all stages of the proceedings. Such proceedings are initiated either via patient’s complaint or as a result of a professional audit by a regulatory body. It is vital to receive expert legal advice right away when you are first notified of a complaint. Most Error & Omission Insurance policies allow professionals to retain counsel of their own choice. We will not just take on your matter and but also work hard to have your insurer accept the Claim and cover your legal expenses. ​

Experience shows the earlier you engage the assistance of a suitably qualified lawyer, the less likely it is that an allegation will progress to a formal hearing. Should your case proceed past the investigation and screening stage or beyond an Inquires, Investigation and Report Committee, effective representation at any subsequent step is plainly indispensable.  ​

If you were notified of a complaint or / and your regulatory body has commenced an investigation into standards of your practice, please do not hesitate to contact us right away and we will be happy to assist. 

Compliance Audit

This type of service we provide to health professionals in independent practice. Our goal is ensure practitioner’s compliance with all aspects of professional, federal and provincial laws and regulations re all aspects of the professional’s practice.

Workplace investigations 

We act for health professionals who are investigated by their employers for alleged violations of various standards of practice. We assist non Unionized as well as Unionized employees. Disciplinary investigations are often the first step that employer takes in dealing with allegations of professional misconduct. Many employees mistakenly believe that all they need to do is to tell they side of the story in order for the allegations to go away. However this is seldom the case. There are many legal and policy considerations that play into employer’s decision on how to deal with the allegations and hence employee’s responses must be carefully structured in order to avoid disciplinary measures taken against them. In many cases once the employer makes a finding of misconduct the latter must be reported to the employee’s professional college. That in turns leads to allegations under the   Regulated Health Professions Act, 1991, S.O. 1991, c. 18 and investigations by the College. Hence it is crucial to for legal counsel to be involved already at the stage of disciplinary investigations at the work place.

Reputation Management

We litigate libel and slander matters on behalf of self employed medical and health care professionals and their professional corporations. Disgruntled employees,  patients to whom medical professional was forced to refuse treatment or had to withdraw services routinely take out their frustration via negative social media posts or/ and fraudulent reviews.  We will act efficiently and expeditiously in order to safeguard our clients’ business reputation.