Long-term and / or short term disability benefits are often offered to employees as a part of their group benefits package. Unfortunately application for disability benefits can be denied even though the person who has applied is unable to work. This can happen due to variety of reasons.

Quite often disability claim is accompanied by a claim as against one’s employer and the latter must always be taken into account when dealing with a disability claim.  

Law with respect to disability claims is complex, hence your best bet is to contact a lawyer that deals with disability benefits immediately after your application is denied.  

In addition, most disability policies in Ontario except applicants to qualify for CPP Disability, hence timely application for this type of benefit is paramount. 

We never charge potential clients who want to see if there is a claim to be made against insurance company. 

F inancial Consumer Agency of Canada, a branch of Canadian Federal Government, has created an  Info Guide on Disability Insurance. The latter is designed to assist those who consider purchasing various types of Disability Insurance Policy. Please feel free to review the information posted and contact us with any questions or concerns.