Below are 10 essential tips that we recommend for all employees to follow at all times, regardless of how secure they feel about their jobs. They are easy to carry out and can make a lot of difference during those critical times where suddenly an employee is facing termination or any other change in the initial terms of their employment.

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1.       Keep a copy of the signed Employment Contract at home;

2.       If your Employer has created a booklet on Company Policies make sure to have a copy of that booklet at your home;

3.       If you don’t have a signed Contract, print and take home whatever correspondence you have describing your duties, rights, responsibilities and salary;

4.       Print/ save on a memory stick any and all emails re your performance reviews, discipline issues, changes in your duties, salary, vacation times, etc. Do not wait until you are about to get terminated as you may not have enough time to do that once you have been let go;

5.       Confirm all verbal discussions with your employer re your duties, responsibilities, scheduling and salary/ compensation in writing (ideally via email);

6.       Do not use your work email for any personal communication;

7.       Do your best to avoid water cooler gossip about your boss and other employees;

8.       Be friendly but avoid sharing details about your personal life, conversations you had with your boss and your career plans;

9.       Take notes after or during all meetings with your boss;

10.      If you are concerned about being let go please contact employment lawyer as soon as you can.


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