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You should consider starting a claim for accident benefits if one or more of the following apply:

  1. You developed soft tissue pain in your neck, back, shoulders etc on a first, second or third day after the accident;
  2. You have signs of head injury. *Please note that one can suffer a head injury even if that person did not hit his or her head. This can happen due to strong acceleration – deceleration movement of the person neck and head during accident.
  3. You missed work because you were in too much pain or/ and because you had head injury symptoms;
  4. You were taken to hospital by an ambulance or went to the hospital shorlty after the accident;
  5. Your family doctor refers you to physiotherapy or any other type of treatment because of your accident
  6. You have sustained injuries to your knees, hit your head or any other parts of your body against interior of the car during the accident;
  7. You were ejected out of the vehicle ;
  8. You were a pedestrian or cyclist hit by any type of a motor vehicle;
  9. You are having nightmares about the accident, or/ and find it hard to focus, or/ and became forgetful and/ or overall feel anxious/ depressed, and/or developed driving phobia or/ and are afraid to leave your house, became irritable, depressed and short tempered


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