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 Tamir Litigation Law Firm is a highly respected Ontario boutique law firm dedicated to the practice of insurance litigation, professional liability, employment law and cross-border litigation. We provide easy, real time scheduling, honest assessment of your case, transparent billing and efficient, cost saving litigation methods.    

Our Practice Areas:

We act for people injured in all types of accidents, suffered brain trauma, fractures, PTSD and serious soft tissue injuries. We also act for victims of assaults and those who were injured due to use of defective products. 

We act on behalf of employees and employers, providing consulting, in-house assistance and litigation services. We represent employees in wrongful dismissal lawsuits and provide strategic advice to those who face disciplinary actions and are looking to keep their jobs .  

We represent regulated and unregulated health professionals accused of misconduct at all stages of the proceedings. We also assist in reputation management and compliance audit. We act for clients in both unionized and non unionized positions .  

Application for disability benefits can be denied even though the person who has applied is unable to work. Such claims are often accompanied by wrongful dismissal claims as disabled employees frequently unable to access necessary accommodations.


We litigate all types of commercial matters related to insurance claims, professional malpractice and failed real estate transactions. Kindly note that we do not deal with issues related to shareholders disputes or/ and directors liability.


We litigate life, accident and casualty insurance claims. We also handle matters on the insurer’s side.

Featured Client Success Stories

 * Client identity details were altered for privacy purposes

Snowmobile accident

 A 30 year physical laborer got seriously injured in a snowmobile accident. He has insisted coming back to work, against advice of his physicians. Nevertheless, insurer has paid significant amounts for future loss of income. This payment was made due to the fact that we were able to obtain significant volume of evidence showing that the client will not be able to maintain his job for more than 2-3 years.

Motor vehicle accident

 A 21 year old passenger was thrown out the vehicle operated by a drunk driver, when the vehicle struck a pole a rolled into a ditch. Passenger sustained serious injuries, including a head injury. Unfortunately pre existing drug dependency combined with anger issues alienated his rehab team and made treatment and assessments near impossible. The client’s family was dealing with drug dependencies of their own and could not provide any type of support to the client. Living conditions were deplorable. We were eventually able to find highly skilled and experienced rehab team and assisted the client with obtaining suitable housing. Despite lack of continuous care and client’s ongoing drug use (the latter complicated causation issues) we were able to obtain significant settlement for client’s medical care, attendant care and loss of future income.

Professional discipline 1

Hard working rehabilitation therapist got accused of malpractice by his patient. Our investigation revealed that the patient misunderstood therapist’s instructions , and that the type of misconduct the patient has alleged could have never occurred. Following our detailed preparation process , the client was able to remain calm and focus during the interview with his College. Based on totality of evidence and our submissions, the case against the client was dismissed 

Professional discipline 2

A licensed health professional had a successful career of about 30 years, 15 of which he has spent in a Toronto Hospital as a full time employee. During one of his shifts he has noticed a very sick patient who was not getting appropriate care. The client has attempted act as per hospital protocol, but unfortunately to no avail. He felt like he had no choice but to breach the protocol in order to assist the patient. As a result of the breach he faced a disciplinary action by the licensing college and a termination of his employment.

 We were able to work with the investigation committee and the union, prepared the client for the investigator’s interview and put together submissions with necessary evidence and careful argument outlining the client’s actions. As a result all allegations of professional misconduct were withdrawn and the client was able to continue with his full time employment in the same capacity. 

Long-term disability

A 55 year old woman was forced to stop working after she spent 36 years employed at a manufacturing facility in Simcoe County. Unfortunately she has developed serious auto-immune condition and required either significant accommodation or transfer to part time duties. Her employer was unwilling to provide either of those options. Her long term disability insurer denied her claim for benefits, alleging that since her condition could not be seen via “objective” tests such as MRI or X-Ray, the condition is “not real”. At the mediation we were able to convince disability insurer that the client’s condition is indeed very real , and obtained a substantial settlement on her behalf.  

Product liability

An 80 year old woman sustained serious injuries when her walker collapsed. Unfortunately her pre existing condition was so serious that there was no significant reduction in function after the accident. Nevertheless, we have obtained a substantial recovery for her and her family after we showed her quality of life decreased due to additional severe pain. The file settled at the mediation for substantial amount, allowing the client’s daughter to purchase the necessary med/rehab services, assistive devices and equipment and cover damages for pain and suffering.

Employment law 1

A 60 year old man spent last 20 years of his employment years working for a large home improvement store. In the course of his last year at work he has developed a hernia as a result of decades long heavy lifting. He underwent surgery and required accommodations in order to return to work. The client’s employer refused to accommodate , instead asking the client to submit an internal application for a different position. The client did so but his application was refused. On top of this, client’s employer also eliminated the client’s existing position.  We were able to show that the client was willing and able to work on accommodated duties beyond age 65. The file settled at the mediation where em ployer has paid not only damages in lieu of notice, but also allocated damages for the client’s pain and suffering due to the way his termination took place.

Employment law 2

A dedicated health professional had a 10 year successful career in one of the Toronto hospitals. Due to change in management she has developed communication problems with her superiors and was put on performance improvement plan. As a result the client has developed debilitating anxiety and depression and had to take several months off work. We have assisted the client with return to work and negotiated the necessary accommodation. She was able to keep her job where she continues to excel to this day.

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