Consulting for Employers

We provide strategic consulting to employees who wish to keep their jobs, prepare for possible termination and/or require assistance navigating complex at work issues. We also review and advise on non compete agreements and severance packages.

Please check out our blog posts on Employee Rights and common issues faced at a work place.

For a general overview of Ontario labour practices please see the information posted on the Ontario Ministry of Labour website.

Wrongful Dismissal

Everyone knows that losing a job can be very stressful. The good news is that in most cases employees are entitled to a financial compensation which can carry them until they will find new employment. However almost no Employer will offer maximum amounts unless there is a lawyer involved, and certainly no Employer will change its mind about having someone fired “with cause” on his or her own accord. Cases where employees are faced with harassment and possible constructive dismissal are almost impossible to navigate without assistance of experienced counsel.